Welcome to the website of the Institute of Agricultural Law & Climate Change. We are a new organization dedicated to addressing the effects of climate change on agricultural production through the body of laws and programs generally referred to as “agricultural law.” Agricultural law includes both existing statutes and regulations, such as federal farm bills, state water laws, and local planning and zoning codes, and new legal frameworks and programs that may be proposed to address the most serious issue of our time – Global Warming.

Please browse this site to for a more detailed description of our purpose and programs. Also, please contact us any time you have information or suggestions to share on this topic.


The overwhelming body of scientific evidence shows climate change to be real. The world has grown warmer primarily as the result of carbon dioxide placed in the atmosphere by mankind. The warming trend will continue even if nations take drastic steps to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Four interrelated questions remain. The first is what mitigation strategies will the world ultimately adopt. Second, where will temperatures peak. Third, what will be the effects of global warming at various temperature scenarios. And, fourth, what adaption strategies will be adopted to attempt to deal with the effects of global warming.

Compared to scientific research, there is little or no comprehensive research being performed on the legal framework necessary to carry out agricultural climate change programs. ALCC will attempt to fill part of this gap.

ALCC will conduct research and analysis on existing and proposed programs that address the effects of climate change on agriculture and the laws necessary to implement such programs and will disseminate the information obtained from its research through written publications and presentations to farm organizations, academics, students, government entities, and NGOs. ALCC will also create and help to teach courses on climate change law in law schools and universities.

Institute of Agricultural Law & Climate Change
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Allen H. Olson, Executive Director